Comment 3 for bug 1531158

Allan LeSage (allanlesage) wrote :

Slightly different case which I assume is the same bug:

1. DUT2 call DUT1 (subject of test), DUT1 pick up call 1, cover proximity sensor (e.g. by placing to ear)
2. On third phone call DUT1
3. DUT1 beeps to indicate second incoming call, uncover proximity sensor (e.g. by removing from ear to look at screen)
Screen lit
Screen black

NOTE: if you don't pick up the second call, the screen will ultimately blink, return to normal as jibel describes--if you've covered/uncovered the proximity sensor n times, *the screen will blink n times*. It feels like something is blocking while the second call is waiting to go to voicemail, then releasing when voicemail picks up.