Comment 28 for bug 349519

The attached switcher explicitly sets the components list in gconf, which should stop components going missing :)

To test properly (and to eliminate any other possibilities), could you please do the following:

1. Create a new user for testing and log in as user (don't use fast-user-switch as the launcher can't run like that)
2. Verify that the user has the standard UNR netbook-mode setup
3. Run `sudo dpkg -r --force-all desktop-switcher` to remove the current desktop-switcher and all it's config files
3.1 Run `rm -rf ~/.config/desktop-switcher`, which should fail saying that the directory doesn't exist
4. Install the attached desktop-switcher package via `sudo dpkg -i desktop-switcher_0.4.4-1ubuntu2_i386.deb`
5. Open a terminal and run `desktop-switcher`, switch to classic mode (and please save the output)
6. Logout and log back in to the test user. Verify that panels are present. If not, please attach the panel and session gconftool-2 --dump output
7. Once again, please run `desktop-switcher` in a terminal, and switch back to netbook-mode. Once again, please save the console output of desktop-switcher.
8. Log-out/log-in to the test user and please verify that the panels are still there.

Thanks again for the time your putting into this :)