Comment 148 for bug 349519

This thread has a lot of different commands suggested? I'm confused. I have a brand new laptop Benq U101P, with a brand new install of NBR. All I did was use the desktop switcher, whilst in the gnome desktop I added a workspace switcher to the top bar/menu and 3 workspaces. Then came back into the NBR desktop, (the workplace switcher was not there, so am using the function keys to switch workspaces). I then went back into the gnome desktop and removed the workspace switcher and put everything in the top bar/menu to the standard setup. Went back to the NBR desktop. At this stage the NBR top bar/menu is still there. I shutdown the netbook and restarted.

BUG: No top bar/menu in NBR desktop.

Tried switching to the gnome desktop and back again, does not fix bug.

BUG: I get a very quick error window, that I don't have time to read ofter switching back to the NBR menu.