Comment 124 for bug 349519

Elton Woo (elton-woo) wrote :

I feel reasonably certain that i have not encountered this bug until yesterday, when several installs resulted the same way: switching to standard mode from netbook, and upon reboot, I lose both top and bottom panels and can only right click on the desktop. As such, I cannot even open a console, let alone get to a menu.

The problem is consistent: at one install I switched desktop mode *before* installing any updates, and another time, I did the switch after the most recent updates [06 AUG 09] were received from the channel and installed.

... hence my QUESTION:
how soon may one reasonably expect a fix to be in the updates channel?

I only intend to run Jaunty on my Asus EEE 1000 PC, but not Karmic or any unstable / development code. I would really like to switch to the desktop mode, but am willing to wait until a fix is out ... if it's not too long a wait...