Comment 112 for bug 349519

Ostien (ostiencf) wrote :

I tried the proposed update of desktop-switcher from the proposed repositories (Ubuntu Netbook Remix jaunty) and it didn't work, in fact it made it worse. My problem before this was that on reboot the top panel would not be there and I would have to use the desktop-switcher to go to the normal desktop then back to the netbook desktop and it would be fixed (except I'd have to re select my theme every time).
The proposed update made it worse as in it when I first booted from it it was the same so I did the switch and switch back and it had not effect and now all the window decorations were gone as well so I rebooted but then there was no desktop panels at all *gasp* I got into a terminal and reverted that update and now I'm back to my functional but gimpy setup.

tl;dr the proposed update does not work and is in fact more wonky.