Comment 4 for bug 131446

LOL. Could those deskbar guys have killed usability more than this?

1) it has resizing problems (the pane inside is resizeable, but doesn't resize with the window)
2) i cant click .. type .. press enter .. it will not hide by default ( i can enable that though )
3) to close it, when you decide you do not want to do anything you can't press escape anymore, you have to press alt+f4
4) it has a menu, WHY WHY WHY, its not an app we are using for an hour or so, its something we use to launch a program in a second. Duh!
5) its very slow to open, it registers another window (with an entry in the task-list), the window title does not contain whatever I typed, etc.
6) when you show the history, the internal widget gets wider and you loose the vertical scrollbar (seriously! how dumb is this)
7) to show the history you have to use the menu
8) to unshow the history you have to use the menu
9) when you show the history, suddenly that takes all the focus, and you have to close it through the menu to have the other pane take keyboard focus again
10) they use single click to launch the actions, but being in a window and all we are expecting double-click. We're also accidently launching stuff resizing the inner pane with the window.

All in all, they turned something that was controlleable only by keyboard, into something that forces people to switch between keyboard and mouse all the time.

And the design WAS good. I've seen usability fuckups before, but never from a tool that was previously well designed.

Please revert back to the old version. Nobody is going to use this. Not like this.