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Bug #1663020: When I suspend the computer and try to wake it, the keyboard's backlight goes on and the power light turns on, but the screen stays black. I have to hard reset the computer to get it to work again. Undecided New 5 weeks

From: Lahoucine Enassiri
Link: ubiquity.desktop


Bug #1799988: Missing wifi and bluetooth after sleep on XPS 9370 Undecided New 51 weeks

From: Kai-Heng Feng
Link: 0002-d3delay.patch


Bug #1583861: Keyboard backlight isn't properly restored after idle on systems with hardwired configuration Undecided New 201 weeks

From: Marco Trevisan (TreviƱo)
Link: upower-always-get-kbd-brightness.debdiff


Bug #1270579: On laptops, screen brightness and keyboard backlight isn't memorized between sessions Undecided New 220 weeks

From: r2rien

Bug #1169376: 8086:0166 [Dell XPS 13 L322X] backlight stopped working after update 3.8.0-18.28 Undecided Confirmed 349 weeks

From: Mikhail Vorozhtsov
Link: dell-xps13-fhd-backlight-fix.patch

The patch for the FHD version from the kernel bugzilla, rebased on top of 3.8.0-26.38

Bug #954661: backlight brightness not adjustable by default on Dell XPS 13 Undecided New 414 weeks

From: Kamal Mostafa
Link: 0002-drm-i915-quirk-disable-i915-backlight-on-Dell-XPS-13.patch


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