Comment 5 for bug 877631

I will try this now. As my internet connection is very slow this is a pretty frustrating bug. I'm going to report when I am finished or encountering the next error.

A few other things that don't belong to this bug: you should consider implementing include and exclude of files and not just folders. Think of a user wanting to backup his /etc/fstab i.e..
Also, when pressing the 'backup now' (or whatever this string is in English) button in the settings, the settings should just disappear and only the newly opened window with déjà dup backing up should be visible.
And last but not least I have a question: as mentioned before my internet connection isn't very fast (and disk space is always rare). Therefore I want to know if déjà dup is making incremental updates like Areca Backup does (which is a very handy tool by the way).