Comment 15 for bug 1039471

Mike (mike-zandvliet) wrote :

If Deja-Dup implemented support for the new duplicity command line option "--file-prefix-manifest", then we could use lifecycle rules in S3 to give us cheap Glacier storage while maintaining the manifest files on S3.

I don't think it would even need any change to the GUI. Just start using --file-prefix-manifest for all new backups, and in the restore functionality have it look for both manifest files with and without the prefix.

Without this, support for S3 is really only there in name. For all practical purposes, S3 is too expensive to use for medium or large backups. Glacier on the other hand is perfectly priced.

In terms of restoring from Glacier, I'd suggest that as an interim solution, we can let the user handle the Glacier>S3 part of the restore via the AWS website or any of the other tools out there (i.e. s3cmd). In the longer term, yes - it would be good for Deja-Dup to initiate the Glacier>S3 restore and to wait till it is available. But let's not hold off for that to be built. Right now just implementing "--file-prefix-manifest" gives us everything we need to get started with Glacier.