Comment 29 for bug 745608

Ferry Toth (ftoth) wrote :

Yes, and no. I'm not using a dutch localization, so you I don't normally have Cyrillic fonts :-)

Also I'm using Kubuntu (though with evolution).

But both on Eeepc and 945G the problem is that fonts are broken. Each broken letter shows the same distortion as shown in screenshot $1 (where the 'e' is broken).

But the broken letters are not the same with each boot. Also in firefox when you increase the font size it changes and at a certain font size will go away.

With Eeepc the system is usable mostly, with 845G text can become totally unreadable.

Screen shots in #16 - #19 were taken on the 945G, but after I had been fiddling with changing the default kwin fonts, so it didn't even look so bad as normally. But after reboot the at first 'readable' font are again broken.

But as shown in screen shot #19 also icons are sometimes distorted (as you can see in the navigation iicons).