Comment 9 for bug 310351

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Use SimulateUserActivity. instead of Inhibit for D-Bus screensavers

The screensaver_freedesktop Inhibit call only prevents the screensaver from activating during the lifetime of the calling process. Unfortunately, since xdg-screensaver uses dbus-send to send the request, it expires as soon as the dbus-send process terminates.

Therefore, this patch changes the screensaver_freedesktop to use SimulateUserActivity in a screensaver_suspend_loop.

The ideal solution would be to change the specification for the D-Bus interface to either allow an option "OnBehalfOf" argument for the Inhibit method call or to add a new method allowing an application to send a request for another application. The D-Bus interface for the screensavers seems to have been created by, so perhaps the Portland group can apply some pressure to the D-Bus interface designers so that we can finally have one application that allows interfacing with all screensavers--even those that don't, and won't ever, support D-Bus (like xscreensaver).