Comment 6 for bug 455615

Julian (julian-casadesus) wrote :

No i don't have idea at what SVN revision was it fixed.
I can only tell you that the bug is fixed at GC class:, At "initCairo()" method
where cleary, there is an IF condition checking if GTK version is lesser than 2, 17, 0
I have tested override this methood content to 3.5 version of SWT, and the problem was gone.

However after write this post, i saw that there are other problems than graphics, ( also fixed on 3.6 )
but not sure where are they fixed.

These other problems, are also reproducible in eclipse (not only in tuxguitar).
some buttons just don't works with mouse clicks. ( yes with keyboard )

In tuxguitar you can reproduce the problem:
* Menu: Tools -> Plugins
* Select any plugin, and click "Info" button.
It only gain focus, but listeners are not fired, but if you press SPACE or ENTER listeners work.

In eclipse ( may depend the version, i don't have it from repositories )
* Just open a source file, and press "Ctrl + F"
* Type a search text, and click "Find" button..

I found problems on some other eclipse buttons too. but it's hard to give you steps to reproduce them.

I had planned to release tuxguitar 1.2 this weekend but now i don't have idea what to do with this problem..
It seems that SWT versions lesser than 3.6, just can't coexist with new GTK versions.

The splash screen sometimes works.... but sometimes don't, even in 3.6
i don't know exactly the reason, but i was able to fix it from tuxguitar code calling an update inmediatly after the windows opens.
and this fix yes works for lesser SWT versions of GTK.