Comment 104 for bug 1124250

Sorry, of course, I have added a "s", not a "e" - my error in the text of comment #23.

Now I have created a file /etc/sysctl.d/99-maxkeys.conf with content as you suggested in comment #24. After a reboot, "cat /proc/sys/kernel/keys/root_maxkeys" prints "10000".

Then I called "ls -l" on a list of all home directories (several hundred), and the problem still exists: The first directories are displayed with the correct username and groupname, and somewhere in the middle the remaining directories (and files, of course) with new usernames and groupnames are displayed as "4294967294".

/proc/keys contains 529 lines.
In a previous try, with /proc/sys/kernel/keys/root_maxkeys having the default value of 200, /proc/keys had about 150 lines. I have retried this configuration again - currently /proc/keys has 205 lines.
Immediate after reboot, /proc/keys contains 14 lines.

I see that increasing the value of /proc/sys/kernel/keys/root_maxkeys will map more file uids and gids to the correct name. But even if the value is much bigger than the number of registered users and groups not all uids and gids are mapped.

The nfs server which I have used for this test runs Fedora 19, currently with kernel-3.11.7-200.fc19.x86_64 because its a production server in use which I should not reboot too often. We use nis for distributing the users on the hosts.