Comment 15 for bug 293139

I agree with Denis Benoit's last comment, and I have a little more to add. The reason that /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/* scripts do not provide the wealth of information as input that a dhclient-enter/exit-hook script can take. According to the NetworkManagerDispatcher man page, only two parameters are given: network interface name., and "pre-up/post-up".

Meanwhile, the dhclient-hooks have access to a plethora of variables from the dhcp server, such as the NTP servers. I have scripts, for example, that set up ntpdate correctly based on the NTP server given from DHCP. This won't function now with Network Manager.

Also, Denis' point can't be overstated: NetworkManger is causing a regression on well-known working functionality without a justification. Is there really some reason that NetworkManagerDispatcher can't ensure that old scripts aren't broken?

Finally, please note that while the ticket summary mentions DNSSEC specifically, it is not the only program impacted by this. I suggest removing specific reference to DNSSEC from the summary to help prevent possible duplicate bug filings.