Comment 0 for bug 407972

Binary package hint: kismet

There is a new version of kismet available:

Tagged 2009-06-R1 release:
Restore battery/power reporting functionality
Default to VAP creation on mac80211 sources
Fix suidinstall on OSX
Revamp IP range guessing
Added mouse support for network and client lists
Properly handle PHY packets
Fix filter string parsing for double-negate
Add low-level mac80211 control options for FCS and PLCP failure filtering
Added arbitrary tagging strings to clients
Add preserved tagging (~/.kismet file)
Restored linux-cap dropping on capture
Handle sources being disconnected under some libpcap versions
Restored daemonize
Revamped network details text
Restored decloaked SSID caching
Add plugin API for adding menus
Improved Nokia ITT support
Fixed BSD sources
Restore missing alerts
Added "user notes" to networks and clients
Various and sundry UI usability changes
Multiple crashes, internal inconsistencies, and rare but unpleasant bugs fixed

The source can be downloaded from here: