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Iain Lane (laney) wrote : Re: [Bug 954352] Re: Enable wayland backend

On Tue, Jan 08, 2013 at 11:10:32PM -0000, Benjamin Drung wrote:
> libegl1-mesa depends on libwayland0 in raring. Purging libwayland0 on
> raring would purge empathy and totem. Therefore we will have libwayland0
> installed on the installation media. I see no reason to avoid letting
> gtk depend on libwayland0, but allow libegl1-mesa to depend on it.
> I will enable the wayland backend and upload it to raring if there is no
> problem caused by this change and no new reason against it is provided.

You're right - I'm not sure if it's entirely necessary but cogl got a
dependency on libegl1-mesa in 1.12.0-1.

So libwayland0 is on media already. So I do think you can go ahead and
enable the wayland backend if you have the patches prepared already, or
I can do it tomorrow assuming I still have the packages I made while
originally evaluating the fix for this bug.

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