Comment 6 for bug 452350

Mike Hobbs (mike-hobbshouse) wrote :

I discovered that the source of my problem was the way I had been messing around with partitions during install. I had initially let it configure LVM with default settings. I didn't like the way it put my LVM partition and the start of the disk and my boot partition at the end of the disk, so I deleted all the partitions and reconfigured everything manually. Well, pvcreate puts metadata in certain sectors on the disk and when I deleted the partitions and recreated the boot partition from scratch at the beginning of the disk, that metadata was still there, but now affecting the (non-LVM) boot partition. That stray metadata on my boot partition was confusing pvscan (and apparently update-grub2 as well). A simple 'pvremove /dev/sda1' cleared everything up.