Comment 4 for bug 140784

I'm observing this problem as well (with the Gutsy version of the auditd package, 1.5.4). I'm unable to add any auditing rules via "auditctl". It's not evident whether this is a problem with the "auditd" demon or "auditctl".

Surprisingly, this problem does not seem to be happening to the Red Hat users, because there are no complaints on the auditd forum on Red Hat, from where this package originates. The problem only seems to be occurring for Debian/Ubuntu users. This suggests it may be the result of a dependency problem, where Ubuntu is using a different package set than the Red Hat folks. But that's just a guess.

I tried installing a more recent version of the auditd package (1.6.4), along with the dependent packages (e.g., libc), and continued having the same problem.

If anyone has any insight into why this is a problem in Ubuntu, and not Red Hat, I would appreciate help.

BIll Brennan