Comment 8 for bug 931606

Nicolas DERIVE (kalon33) wrote :

Hi stefanor,

* Why are we picking some random snapshot, rather than the 0.4.0 stable release?
-> It's the last snapshot from the stable branch, it contains fixes for bugs, like google results retrieving, p2p fixes..

* bzr-builder.manifest? Was this a daily build?
-> Yes, I took the package from my daily build recipe, and edit packaging from it. Should I change some things relating to this?

* That's a very odd version number for an initial release. Why the epoch? Is that because of upsteram's debs? What verisons are they using?
->The versioning scheme is done in order to superseede other PPA builds (mine and from others). It's OK if you want to suggest something prettier and better.

* What is seeks-experimental?
->It's the experimental branch of seeks, which is packaged in another PPA.

* A wrap-and-sort wouldmake the Build-Depends a lot prettier and more manageable
-> No problem for changing it.

* The description ends with a blank line
-> Same as previous point.

* The description's bullited list only needs to be indented two spaces.
-> Same as previous point.
* The description has lots of trailing whitespace
-> Same as previous point.

* It's generally not necessary to talk about being open source in the description. The ubuntu archive is almost entirely open source :)
-> Same as previous point.
* wishlist: have a look at DEP5, it's a nice machine-readable format for copyright files.
-> Will try to look at it.

* NEWS is empty. Do we really want to include it in the binary packages?
-> Sure, let's delete it

* COPYING is redundant, that's what debian/copyright is for. No need to include it in the binary packages.
-> Same as previous point.

* Deleting users in maintainer scripts is frowned upon, see
-> Do you have a tip for me to deal with this better?

* Why are we skipping dh_auto_test?
-> I don't remember the real reason. Let's do them again.

* Urgh, the init and maintainer scripts mix tabs and spaces.
-> I will fix this too.

Should I change some other things? How do you want me to post the relevant changes and attach them here?

Thanks for your review. Have a nice day.