Comment 40 for bug 309402

poy (poy) wrote :

an alternative to HBRI that doesn't require a separate extension:

1) hubs send I6 and I4 fields in their hub INF to indicates the IP addresses they are listening on.
this step may not even be required if the "alternate" IP of the hub is available by other means (DNS record, hub list...).

2) upon receiving the initial hub INF, clients that wish to be available on both IPv6 & IPv4 networks can then connect to either the hub's I6 or the hub's I4 (obviously they would pick the one they are not already connected to).
the client then goes through the regular login process in order for the hub to associate the client's IPv6 address to its IPv4 address. the additional connection is then cut.

3) after a successful verification of a client's "alternate" IP, the hub adds that information to the client's INF and updates it so other users are notified of it.

4) when a user wants to connect to another user, it can:
- connect only to its IPv6 address if an I6 is present in that user's INF.
- connect only to its IPv4 address if an I4 is present in that user's INF.
- connect to both if both are present, then discard the one that didn't connect first.