Comment 24 for bug 309402

Big Muscle (bigmuscle) wrote :

eMTee: I think that *nix systems shouldn't be any problem. But I will try it under Ubuntu to be 100% sure.

Tehnick: yes, conversions are simple. There is also IN6ADDR_SETV4MAPPED function to simplify that. But I think that adding and removing "::ffff:" prefix from IP addresses should be fine.

arne: you can connect to ipv4&6 in parallel but what would it be for in real usage? Hybrid dual sockets allow connecting to both IP versions without redudant code for separate sockets. But I must admit that b) would be more consistent with ADC protocol which provides U6 (and therefor listening on port different from U4) should be possible.

And when I mentioned ADC protocol. There is CTM command but it doesn't specify whether <port> is for IPv4 or IPv6. It seems to be little inconsistency - UDP ports can be different for each protocol, but TCP port is only one (and nobody knows which protocol to use when I4 and I6 are both specified).