Comment 3 for bug 313692

Alexey Torkhov (atorkhov) wrote :

Aha, that was seem to happen after I touch database by hand (I didn't know about cydb at that time). I delete all entries from entities and properties tables, and it have error which tells that it cannot save properties for terrain:

2009-05-04T11:44:06 ERROR Database error from async query
Query error in : INSERT INTO properties VALUES (0, 'bbox', '<atlas><map><list name="val"><float>-512</float><float>-384</float><float>-29.8982</float><float>384</float><float>384</float><float>149.751</float></list></map></atlas>'), (0, 'calendar', ...)
2009-05-04T11:40:53 ERROR DATABASE: ERROR: insert or update on table "properties" violates foreign key constraint "properties_id_fkey"
DETAIL: Key (id)=(0) missing in table "entities".