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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #978183: crash due to buffer overflow in acc_tabs.c Undecided New 105 weeks

From: SÅ‚awomir Nizio
Link: size4to5.patch


Bug #324256: Strange symbols instead '-' in smart text output High New 122 weeks

From: Alexander Kandaurov
Link: cuneiform-linux-1.1.0-emdash.patch


Bug #670088: Viva64 analyze report Undecided New 165 weeks

From: Kuzemko Aleksandr
Link: patch.diff

Start work with Viva64 statical analizer

Bug #720782: Passing DIB image as const void * Undecided New 165 weeks

From: Dmitry Katsubo
Link: puma_xopen_const.diff


Bug #672547: Cuneiform crash Undecided New 179 weeks

From: Matthias Leopold

Core dump

Bug #395351: Add --nopictures, --tables=n to cli Undecided New 250 weeks

From: Ben Jackson
Link: cli.patch

Adds two CLI options --nopictures and --tables

Bug #314048: Cut down on compiler warnings Undecided New 274 weeks

From: Jussi Pakkanen
Link: msvc_fixes.patch


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