Comment 7 for bug 566951

1. as I said there is a bug that CG that makes it use old position when
setting position in configuration window (try to place window by dragging,
without conf window)
2. window may be bigger than you see it, if you place it out of screen,
after restart it will be placed at the edge of the screen, if you put big
x,y CG will be placed at the edge of the screen, I think it is the way GTK
moves windows
to see real window size activate Background in configuration window; edit
theme file to remove useless space

On Fri, May 7, 2010 at 11:24 PM, rmflagg <email address hidden> wrote:

> For whatever reason, when I log in, Covergloobus is at position 1420x900.
> I have never set it at this position!
> I then change it to my lower right corner, 1590x1025 and click save. Log
> out, log back in, and it's at 1420x900!
> I am usint v1.6 via ppa:
> Thanks,
> RMFlagg
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> Covergloobus doesn't save the position on the screen
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> Developers, which is the registrant for CoverGloobus.
> Status in CoverGloobus: New
> Bug description:
> Covergloobus doesn't save the screen position where I put it. I stick
> covergloobus to the desktop, but it isn't working.