Comment 5 for bug 566951

20x663 is not the default position (20x20 is the default), I suppose it is
your previous position
there is a bug that makes CG load old position when it is set manually in
configuration window
but if you uncheck "Pin to desktop", drag CoverGloobus with mouse to the
place you want it to be, after restart it should place window in this new
please, try it and tell me if this way the postion is saved?

On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 1:53 PM, Tomas Šaduikis <email address hidden>wrote:

> it does not wok for me to. if i set Y and X manualy after restarting
> covergloobus everything is set to their defaults 20 and 663.
> --
> Covergloobus doesn't save the position on the screen
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> Status in CoverGloobus: New
> Bug description:
> Covergloobus doesn't save the screen position where I put it. I stick
> covergloobus to the desktop, but it isn't working.