Comment 3 for bug 566951

I repeat:
1. "Stick to desktop" is not for saving CG position on the screen
2. CG saves its position automatically at exit (at least latest bzr revision
does so)
position entries in config window are probably useless now

On Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 5:18 PM, Algalord <email address hidden> wrote:

> What I say is more like an feature request, I will explain:
> If I want to change the position of covergloobus it only can be saved if
> I change it manually. I thing that it can be considerated as a bug.
> Covergloobus would detect the current screen position and then, when you
> click in "stick to desktop" save the position, so, if you restart
> covergloobus it will appear where you put it.
> --
> Covergloobus doesn't save the position on the screen
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> Developers, which is the registrant for CoverGloobus.
> Status in CoverGloobus: New
> Bug description:
> Covergloobus doesn't save the screen position where I put it. I stick
> covergloobus to the desktop, but it isn't working.