Comment 33 for bug 148454

I have no idea why you are all so agitated by this. If the console-kit-daemon developers think that it makes sense for it to spawn ~60 threads, then so be it! It may be alright to ask for the reason behind this and to suggest to reduce the thread count, but _please_ don't snivel such nonsense as "the performance is significantly slower with 60 useless threads". [@Vladimir: whatever the reason may be for your computer running slow, it is most probably not console-kit-daemon. If you're having problems, watch you Load Average in htop, watch your iowait in "vmstat 1", and so on; a much more probable issue would be trackerd.]

As far as I'm concerned, this is neither a bug in console-kit-daemon nor htop.

BTW: if you want to see the threads in ps, use "ps xaH|grep console".