Comment 30 for bug 148454

@ Jonathan Rogers

>However, currently it says nothing about what the threads are used for or what would be an appropriate number of threads.

Of course, it's not documented, so no one knows, which is why the bug report exists in the first place. Experienced users and system engineers know that generally something is wrong if several dozen identical, dormant processes are running in userspace with no apparent usefulness.

>I haven't seen any strong evidence that it deserves as much attention . . . .

I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to accomplish in this thread. If this issue isn't worthy of attention, why are you paying it so much? Saying that there are other problems to solve is stating the obvious and not helpful to solving any of them. If you know of a reason this problem should not be fixed, do tell. If you have other helpful information, share it. If you have solutions to this or other problems in the stack, go solve them.

Said another way, if you know of bigger fish to fry, perhaps you should get your skillet out and fry them.

Happy Trails,

Loye Young