Comment 29 for bug 148454

I've written an email to the author of ConsoleKit inquiring about the issue. What follows is the text of my correspondence:

>Mr. McCann,
>Users on Ubuntu systems (myself included) are finding that ConsoleKit generates several dozen processes and doesn't seem to release them.
>Although no one of the processes takes up much memory or state, the aggregate amount is significant, especially on resource constrained
>Is this expected behavior? If yes, could you shed some light on why so many processes and threads need to remain open? If no, do you have any
>idea whether the problem is in ConsoleKit or in the Ubuntu implementation of ConsoleKit?
>From what I've read about ConsoleKit, it seems to be a sensible solution to managing users and hardware access for desktop and other GUI
>applications. However, the sheer number of running processes has many asking whether the game is worth the candle. Your guidance on the
>relative benefits and costs and on expected implementation of ConsoleKit would be much appreciated.
>See the forum discussion at, and the bug report at

Happy Trails,

Loye Young