Comment 26 for bug 148454

While it may be technically correct that spawning a thread for each potential virtual console wastes resources, does anyone have an estimate of how much? On my system, console-kit daemon (the entire process with all umpteen threads) is using about 2.5MiB of resident memory, of which about 1.7MiB is shared with other processes. This is pretty modest compared with many other standard Ubuntu processes like hald (4.5MiB), pulseaudio (6.5MiB), and Xorg (56.7MiB). If I wanted to strip the system down to the bare essentials to require less RAM, I'd completely disable things like console-kit-daemon, hald, cupsd and other daemons that aren't absolutely essential. However, on a typical modern system with 512MiB of RAM or more, 2.5MiB just isn't very significant. If someone were able modify console-kit-daemon so that it used only 1MiB to do the same job, that would be great, but I think this bug report with its hopelessly vague title (how many threads is too many?) isn't likely to do anything but waste time.