Comment 109 for bug 148454

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> (In reply to comment #16)
> > Any chance to see those useless processes go away in our lifetime?
> They aren't processes, they are threads. And they serve a purpose.
> The current behaviour might be suboptimal, but it is correct, as such it would
> be nice if this is fixed but we certainly have more burning issues to fix.
> Also note that whatever the LP bug says about the 63 threads wasting oh so much
> resources, that is simply nonsense, the folks complaining have no clue what
> they are speaking of.
> > If Alan gave up maintainership can someone please work on a fixed version of
> > that ck autoconfigure patch, or something different, an hack, anything?
> The stuff is in the kernel. It's just a matter of someone writing a patch for
> CK. Would be wonderful if you and your Ubuntu friends might contribute good
> code once in a while instead of just complaining for 3 years straight... ;-)
> Anyway, I might come up with a patch eventually, but it is not a priority item
> on my todo list, sorry.

I have to disagree with the claim that resources are not being eaten up by console-kit-daemon. According to a top I did on a system that was recently having memory issues, the 64 console kit processes were using over 7.6GB of memory (122+MB each). as someone else has pointed out, patches have been proposed for this. Maybe they were not "good code," I haven't read it. It would be interesting to find out why there need to be so many processes at outset rather that spawning a more conservative number of processes (or threads as the case may be; although each one seemed to have a distinct pid) to me even using 122MB total would be silly; what is this program doing that requires so much RAM?