Comment 0 for bug 1046661

Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

"Unredirect Fullscreen Windows" stay on top (unredirected) even when an RGBA window is stacked above it. This is an edge-case I missed in the general bug 1041047.

Test case:

1. Open a Chrome/Chromium window.
2. Open a gnome-terminal window (Ctrl+Alt+T)
3. Move the gnome-terminal to the centre of the screen, above the Chrome window.
4. Click on the Chrome window and make it fullscreen (F11).
5. Alt+Tab to the gnome-terminal window.

Expected: gnome-terminal window should be visible on top.
Observed: I can only see the Chrome window still. But right clicking in the middle of the screen makes the gnome-terminal window visible.