Comment 8 for bug 1002714

Alex Yurchenko (ayurchen) wrote :

Yes, rsync and all other scripted SSTs besides mysqld have an option (and generally should) request FTWRL before proceeding. So that what you may easily see. I'm not sure how to explain the processlist you posted above - could not reproduce it. Maybe because I'm running with the fix already.

So I'm going to push the fix after a bit more testing. A short description how it will look:
- the variable will be called wsrep_sst_donor_rejects_queries - so that it pretty much explains what it does.
- it won't close any connections, it will just reject queries with UNKNOWN COMMAND error code.
- it will be off by default since it may break mysqldump SST.
- it will have effect whenever the node has to donate SST regardless of SST method - I felt that this will be the only way to satisfy most of possible scenarios. The user may want to reject queries during xtrabackup as well. So basically this is a property of a node, not of the SST method.
- it will have no effect during IST.