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Bug #720278: startup of second instance of coccinella without warning/exception Wishlist In Progress 375 weeks

From: buzzdee
Link: svn_diff.diff


Bug #150360: Separate chats for different resources, also enable multiple resouces in the roster Medium In Progress 431 weeks

From: buzzdee
Link: multiple_online_resources_in_roster.diff

patch with latest changes

Bug #432068: ChatShorts.tcl not crashing on TCL 8.5 Low Fix Committed 448 weeks

From: buzzdee
Link: diff-ChatShorts.tcl

patch to reenable /clean and /retain in chat window

Bug #430927: detection of external IP addres doesn't work Medium Fix Committed 449 weeks

From: buzzdee
Link: diff-Proxy.tcl


Bug #427888: MIDI player not saved in preferences.rdb and volume is always 100% when opening preferences Medium Fix Committed 449 weeks

From: buzzdee
Link: diff-Sounds-midicommand.tcl

appended patch fixes both problems for me

Bug #427760: error message when connecting to httpd port Low Fix Committed 449 weeks

From: buzzdee
Link: diff.tinyhttpd.tcl

patch to fix problem for me

Bug #421379: defect warning message when changing a preference that requires restart of coccinella Low Fix Committed 451 weeks

From: buzzdee
Link: patch-lib_Preferences_tcl

patch to fix broken warning

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