Comment 16 for bug 270689

buzzdee (sebastia) wrote :

I'll recheck if the thread-id really changes if the subject changes, I was not aware of that fact.
However, when coccinella changes the thread id when the subject line is changed, then, with what I have implemented right now, a new event would trigger. That would still fine with me.

I've seen at least that the thread-id changes when the chat window was closed and reopened.
Showing the subject line, if set at all, shouldn't be a problem.

When the user starts concurrent chat sessions, would that really matter?
I think we could save the state depending on the jid3, so including the resource part, in case the user is connected with different clients, and starts a chat session from different clients we could distinguish.

Also with the subject, I for myself do only use the subject in very rare cases. For me a subject line is more interesting in group chats than for a single short chat session. But others may see it different.