Comment 4 for bug 183977

I have been trying to reproduce it be registering a new account on my
own local jabber server (ejabberd) but it works each time. I am using
a custom element in each presence stanza sent to help identify the
coccinella client which looks like:

SEND: <presence <email address hidden>/Coccinella@linux'
<email address hidden>/Coccinella@Mats-Bengtssons-dator' xml:lang='en'>
   <c xmlns=''
ver='UxStojoiBs0VDfi5otng8zStOmg=' ext='activity geoloc iax mood nick
voip_h323 voip_sip voipgm2 whiteboard'/>

where the relevant part is the caps element, <c .../> and its node
attribute, node='', You
could try to have the xml console open, menu Info/Debug and see if you
receive such an element.

There have been a lot of discussion going on regarding the caps
elements (XEP-0115) and I haven't followed it lately. It has changed
back and forth which makes it impossible to stay tuned. Perhaps they
have done something awkward so it is filtered out by the serve
somehow. I will test with jabber.orf tomorrow.