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sander (s-devrieze) wrote : Re: Tip of the day/welcome screen

Early feedback:
* Replace /Do not show this any more/Show tips on startup/
* Also add the option "Show tips on startup
* Replace /Tip of the day/Useful tips/
* Replace /Cancel/Ok/
* Add navigation buttons for the tips
* Add support for clickable URLs inside the tip texts (to add a link to a page on the website with more information)
* Show the new Coccinella icon somewhere: on the left/right, or maybe in the background as a watermark
* Disable this feature for 0.96.4 and enable it after this release (in that way we have plenty of time to create more tips, improve the quality of tips, and have multiple high-quality translations)
* Maybe use the same dialog _layout_ for the update check dialog?
* Add support for lists, italic text, bold text, etc (maybe use Tkhtml3 for this?: