Comment 8 for bug 1660385

Simon Leinen (simon-leinen) wrote :

This "bug fix" is a huge regression for me.

We run an OpenStack-based cloud and provide (among others) Ubuntu-based images on it, which we regularly refresh. Since the latest refresh, our users get these warnings on every login. The warnings are completely unwarranted, and I don't understand the reasoning behind them:

Like most OpenStack clouds, we do provide EC2 metadata over HTTP on the well-known link-local address We also provide metadata in OpenStack's own format, also via Instances can detect that they are running on OpenStack based on DMI values.

Now cloud-init is trying to be clever about which kind of cloud it is running on, and use suitable metadata depending on that. So far, so good!

On our cloud it should be able to detect (via DMI) that it is running on OpenStack. The reasoning explained in the bug description suggests that cloud-init only wants to use EC2 metadata when running on EC2. (I think it could also use EC2 metadata under OpenStack, but be that as it may.)

But shouldn't cloud-init then just use the OpenStack metadata service (which we also provide)? Complaining that the EC2 metadata service exists as well seems pointless to me.

Can someone explain the logic of the current behavior under OpenStack to me? Because I don't understand it.