Comment 15 for bug 1660385

Scott Moser (smoser) wrote :

Wow, sorry for being delinquent in seeing these. Simon, Vladimir, Nick, and David, thank you for your input.

Cloud-init is making this change with the goal of improvement both in performance and in user experience (such as attempting http traffic to a firewalled-off and timing out).

I think your concerns mainly fall into a few different buckets.
a.) (Simon) configuration of: datasource_list: [ Ec2, None ]
This should be working correctly now. If cloud-init sees only one entry (or
one entry and 'None') then it will just select that datasource and go on. If
it is not doing this, please file a bug and we'll get that fixed. Your
'reboot' issue is a result of the Ec2 and Openstack metadata services having a
different instance-id, so cloud-init sees this as a new instance.

b.) RDO provisioned Openstack nova systems were not correctly identifed.
This is fixed under bug 1675349. RDO provisioned nova systems changed
the product_name exposed through smbios to be 'OpenStack Compute' rather
than what upstream has ('OpenStack Nova').

c.) Non AWS desired use of EC2 metadata service.
This can be fixed in one of 2 ways
 1.) file a bug, tell me how to identify your platform, and we'll make
 cloud-init identify it as legitimate use of Ec2 metadata. I did this
 for brightbox at bug 1661693. Please collect some information on
 the system like an example qemu command line, and the output of
 sudo sh -c 'cd /sys/class/dmi/id && grep -r . *'

 Nick, David, this speaks directly to you. I'm perfectly willing to
 support your cloud, just tell me how to identify it.

 2.) change your launching to make the system look like it *is* in AWS. . My comment #2 in bug 1661693 shows how to do this in libvirt or qemu.

 3.) cloud-init offer another supported way to re-use EC2 metadata service.
 cloud-init will have to identify this *somehow* so you'll likely have
 to change your qemu/libvirt invocation, but

 Vladimir, your idea of NoCloud change here is a good one, and I'm open to
 that. I've opened bug 1691772 to address that.

Please feel free to reach out to me in Freenode IRC (smoser in #cloud-init).