Comment 29 for bug 1711735

On Mon, Nov 06, 2017 at 11:19:10PM -0000, ruffsl wrote:
> Could the "current" folder in Index of /core/trusty at https://partner-
> be updated to redirect to 20171102
> instead of 20170817, as it is presently? The docker library ubuntu image
> build is I think pointed to "current", and I would like to see the fix
> released into the official docker hub arm32v7 ubuntu trusty image.

At the moment, we aren't successfully building images for all
architectures; we'll only move the symlink once we are. That said, we
know what the problem with the failing architectures is (it's a bug
related to moving the Launchpad image build infrastructure from chroots
to lxd containers) and the fix for it is currently working its way
through validation to production, so it shouldn't be a long wait.