Comment 8 for bug 1675469

Submitter: Zuul
Branch: driverfixes/newton

commit 725629a2dc168fe7db7cc1efe6637734108f3d3b
Author: Eric Harney <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Mar 23 12:07:54 2017 -0400

    RemoteFS: prevent creation of encrypted volumes

    Support for volume encryption of FS-based volumes is not
    currently implemented in Nova. Creating encrypted volumes
    with these drivers can result in dangerous and undesired
    behavior. Block creation of encrypted volumes for these
    drivers until this is supported.

    This adds a per-driver switch which can be used to enable
    this for individual RemoteFS drivers as they are tested.

    Closes-Bug: #1675469

    Change-Id: I39d4230106c891e1b480989daaf72bea5a64e4b3
    (cherry picked from commit e626f54f8b9793a06be2f2b0a49b2dbbff4ecdd3)
    (cherry picked from commit 689d7468513df4b5c7d032314fdf1d4e3e8f6ebc)