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Kashyap Chamarthy (kashyapc) wrote :

[Oops, my previous comment got added twice.]

Jay, you're right: I indeed reboot the DevStack instance, and did ./ I just did it again:

 - Reboot the VM
 - SELinux in Permissive mode
 - Rejoin the Stack service: $ ./

   Fails with the same stack trace (looking at the c-api `screen` window) as noted in Description.

And yep, seems like it lost the mounted loop device:

  $ losetup -a

When I'm not using DevStack, I create loop device by hand, something like:

  $ dd if=/dev/zero of=/cinder-volumes bs=1 count=0 seek=5G
  $ losetup -fv /cinder-volumes
  $ losetup -l
  $ vgcreate cinder-volumes /dev/loop0
  $ vgdisplay cinder-volumes

Probably I should do something like that in this case.

Jay, feel free to close this if you think DevStack shouldn't do it, when you Thanks for helping to debug this.