Comment 24 for bug 1150720

Adam Gandelman (gandelman-a) wrote :

I've run through our openstack tests against quantal-proposed without issue.

Also verified no issue with using cinder's SSH connection pool class and python-paramiko_1.7.7.1-3ubuntu0.1, using the following test with up to 100 connections without issue:

import cinder.utils as utils
CONNS = 15

sshpool = utils.SSHPool('192.168.xx.xx', port=22, conn_timeout=10,
                        login='adam', password='xxx', min_size=CONNS, max_size=CONNS)

for i in range(1, CONNS):
    with sshpool.item() as ssh:
        print utils.ssh_execute(ssh, 'hostname', check_exit_code=False)

Not convinced the original issue here was ever something that affected our Ubuntu packages to begin with. The only reports here are reported using RHEL 6.4 , paramiko 1.7.6 and who-knows what combination of versions of other things in the mix (eventlet, greenlet, etc). (Fairly certain I was chasing another issue in comment #13)