Comment 3 for bug 1083540

Josh Durgin (jdurgin) wrote :

Renamed the bug, since the real issue is that cinder requires some extra configuration besides cinder.conf to use rbd with cephx authentication, and the rbd_user option is just passed from cinder to nova.

As mentions, you currently need to set the CEPH_ARGS environment variable for cinder-volume to specify the cephx user the rbd driver uses. The rbd_user configuration option is currently passed to nova as part of the information needed to connect to a volume.

There are a few cleanups for the rbd driver related to this:

1) let nova set rbd user and secret info, don't worry about it in cinder (completed in
2) pass monitor addresses to nova so it doesn't need ceph.conf (
3) configure all the necessary ceph parameters via cinder options so no ceph.conf or CEPH_ARGS are required (this bug)