Comment 2 for bug 1103343

Daniel Manrique (roadmr) wrote :


See bug, apparently the version of x11-apps on Precise does not include rendercheck. So the package being present does not guarantee rendercheck will be there.

The job is defined as follows:

rendercheck_test -d -o $CHECKBOX_DATA/rendercheck-results && echo
"Rendercheck tests completed successfully" || echo "Rendercheck completed, but
there are errors. Please see the log $CHECKBOX_DATA/rendercheck-results for

So the message you're seeing indicates "rendercheck_test" exited with failure. I'd like to ask you to run "/usr/share/checkbox/scripts/rendercheck_test -d -o /tmp/test", and let us know what you see on-screen, maybe it's outputting something to stderr and this is being "eaten" by the command, that's why you don't see anything.

I suspect that, since rendercheck is not present, we're running into something similar to this:, since when running rendercheck_test by hand, I had the same error as seen in that bug. If so, one thing to fix for this would be adding the "include errno" line to the script. However, the error is still logged to stderr, so we will probably need to update the command definition to output stderr to the log file as well.

Anyway, remains as incomplete pending Jeffrey's running of rendercheck_test.