Comment 15 for bug 1296965

Daniel Manrique (roadmr) wrote :

OK, with the new set of packages in the PPA (notice that canonical-certification-server is now gone), I did:

$ sudo apt-get install checkbox-ng plainbox-provider-certification-server

- nmap is installed by plainbox-provider-certification-server
- Said provider package also installs a sample /etc/xdg/canonical-certification.conf file
- the canonical-certification-server *binary* is present as part of checkbox-ng
- canonical-certification-server --check-config shows me it's reading the environment variables correctly.

Three problems remain: first, the config object is not being used when running tests (a fix is committed but not yet released to the PPA: bug 1298166.

Second, the template file needs an update; I assumed values were uppercased automatically but they are not; thus, the lowercase config variables as seen in the example config file will not be taken by the network script. A fix is here:

Third, we still need to provide a *single* package to install this, as remembering to install two packages is confusing. This will be upcoming in the next few days.

Once the first two fixes are merged, things should work. Already from the summary I posted above, things seem to be mostly in good shape now.