Comment 12 for bug 1296965

Jeff Lane (bladernr) wrote :

So doing some testing also and I've discovered that neither the [common] nor [environment] sections of canonical-certification.conf are honored.

HOWEVER, if I add the [sru] section to set a Secure ID prior to testing, that IS honored. On a fresh 14.04 system I installed c-c-s from the dev ppa and edited the file /etc/xdg/canonical-certification.conf to look like this:

root@CCS-SUT:~# cat /etc/xdg/canonical-certification.conf
welcome_text = THIS IS JEFFS HOUSE OF PAIN!!!

 Abandon all hope, ye who enter here...

# For virtualization testing.
# Uncomment the following 2 lines and set the proper parameters:
# For network testing.
# Uncomment the following 4 lines and set the proper parameters:
#test_user: anonymous


as you can see, I changed the welcome text completely, and added a test_target_iperf variable to point to my iperf server, and added the secure_id variable.

Then I ran through it and deselected everything but the ethernet tests.

As expected the ethernet tests failed