Comment 6 for bug 996576

Clint Byrum (clint-fewbar) wrote :

Hi Nicholas!

The changes look great. In the mean time since you did your changes, we added a new policy item. Charms must have a maintainer.

$ charm proof
E: Charms need a maintainer (See RFC2822) - Name <email>
W: missing recommended hook start
W: missing recommended hook stop

Also those warnings should be fixed. While start/stop don't currently get called all that often, in the near future charms will use these for things like live migration and backups. Please make sure you have a working start/stop hook.

Fix those three things from charm proof and this one is definitely ready for the store!

When you've fixed them, please re-subscribe 'charmers' to this bug and somebody will promulgate ASAP.