Comment 3 for bug 884850

Excerpts from Scott Moser's message of Tue Nov 01 21:53:16 UTC 2011:
> just curious, what would this do ?
> setup of devstack consists of running:
> !/bin/sh
> apt-get update
> apt-get install git -y
> git clone
> cd devstack
> git checkout localdev
> echo ADMIN_PASSWORD=golfing >> localrc
> echo FLAT_INTERFACE=br100 >> localrc
> ./
> Then, all the components are there on the single system.
> Its quite possible I'm missing something, but it does not seem to me
> that this is really something that fits a charm well.

So it actually does fit well, in that its a way to get openstack up on a
cloud instance rapidly. It would also allow replacing the full juju-based
openstack deployment with a single system deploy by exposing all the
same interfaces that the various juju charms expose in this one charm.

I'd actually rather see us focus on making juju an alternative for
devstack, since it will end up doing things in a more production-like way
without compromising the need of a dev user to spin up openstack rapidly.

So really what would be better is to cultivate a that
is basically an automation of the steps we use to deploy openstack
on juju, and would possibly encapsulate an environments.yaml for the
local provider.