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Bug #1513026 reported by 10Duke Release User on 2015-11-04
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Starting "Recommended Charms" process for fileplus-lite:

Matt Bruzek (mbruzek) wrote :
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Hello Mikko and welcome to the Juju community! Thanks for submitting a charm for the File+ software. Putting the operational knowledge of File+ into a charm is precisely what Juju is designed for. Users will be able to deploy File+ software in the cloud without having to install or configure it.

The following two documents are used when reviewing a charm:
There are developer utilities called charm-tools available here:

# charm proof
There is a static analyzer in the charm-tools package that helps find errors in charms called `charm proof`. Developers can use this information to see if the charm has any problems before a deploy. Any Warnings or Errors need to be fixed before the charm can be recommended. Here is the output from `charm proof`:

W: Categories are being deprecated in favor of tags. Please rename the "categories" field to "tags".
I: relation persistent-storage has no hooks
W: config.yaml: option app_war_dl_value does not have the keys: default
W: config.yaml: option app_war_dl_header does not have the keys: default

The file looks good, converts to html just fine. You might want to mention that public clouds such as Amazon are firewalled by default and need `juju expose fileplus-lite` to make it accessible from the public address.

# icon.svg
The icon for this charm looks great! We ask that the image is on the standard template. You can generate the template with charm-tools by running `charm add icon`. The instructions for the icon can be found here:

# copyright
It is charm store policy that the charm code must be a free license. The copyright in the charm directory is intended for the charm code and does not affect the 10duke software. Please select an open source license: for the charm.

# tests
To ensure quality and compatibility between charms all charms need to have some deployment tests that we can run automatically. Notice that this bug already has a comment from test automation tool. The charm-tools package also can generate a skeleton test for the charm by running `charm add tests` in the charm directory. These are not complete, as it should test deploying, scaling, and relating the charm.

# hooks
The hooks look good and are easy to read. The tomcat and file+ software are not cryptograpically verified after being downloaded. This is a requirement of charms that download software. The Apache Tomcat download website lists the sha1 value and the sha1 url could be computed from the download url.

# Summary
The charm failed to deploy. The Juju logs indicated the mirror no longer contained the file.
2015-12-02 16:16:20 INFO unit.fileplus-lite/0.juju-log server.go:268 Installing tomcat8...
2015-12-02 16:16:20 INFO unit.fileplus-lite/0.install logger.go:40 --2015-12-02 16:16:20--
2015-12-02 16:16:20 INFO unit.fileplus-lite/0.install logger...


Changed in charms:
status: New → In Progress
Frej (10duke-frej) wrote :

Thanks for all the good input and feedback. I wanted to update this entry with the progress made so far. I will use "# xyz" to reference to the reported details. Open items and questions come first, fixed items as last:

General comment / question:
* we have pushed in fixes and the latest revision is 5. This in case you find the time to trace the below comments into charm code.
* The latest revision of the charm does not appear in the store, which still shows revision 2? Is there some part of launchpad or bazar that we have not used correctly?

#, QUESTION: juju expose is listed within the first two lines of "how to" deploy. Would you like the extra mentioning for repetition or does it add a valuable point of view?

# icon.svg, OPEN: hoping to get a "mod" of the product icon back from the designer soon.

# tests, OPEN: this is probably the hardest one. We're trying to make sense of what to cover with tests on charm level and how to implement those.

# Summary: "hook ends in error", COMMENT: Improvements made, I guess this will be a constant topic as the charm code lives on.

# charm proof: FIXED, or at least the output reports one line with category "I"

# copyright: FIXED.

# hooks: FIXED, checksum verification added to both downloads.

# failed to deploy: FIXED: a more constant and dependable download URL for tomcat is used now.

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